Put your trust in us to install and maintain your nesting box


We install the Birdies Villa when the weather is nice!
The hotel’s mast is erected on a metal base plate, which in turn is secured to a ground anchoring system or concrete foundation. The Birdies Villa is then installed and prepared at the top of the mast.

We will advise you on the location and orientation of the Birdies Villa on the day of installation, and we will choose the most appropriate installation method depending on the nature of your terrain.

Absolutely avoid disturbing the birds from the moment they drop the first twig in their nest until the kids leave the nest!


We can maintain your Birdies Villa every year. Maintenance is scheduled for February or September, depending on the anniversary of the installation of your Birdies Villa, just before the birds start looking for a nesting place.

Maintenance consists of: checking, sanding and cleaning the entire structure (facades, roofs, the mast and its ground anchoring); carrying out any minor repairs to the waterproofing; oiling all the façades of the nesting box and repainting the edges of the roofs, filling the feeders and drinking troughs. Nests that have been used and then abandoned by the birds will be returned to you!

N'attendez plus !

Que ce soit pour la fabrication, la pose ou l'entretien d'une Birdies Villa, nous avons hâte d'échanger avec vous.